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insulation materials,thermal conductive materials,industrial materials


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 Welcome to Guangzhou JiuYing Electronics co.,ltd,as a result that we have struggled in our field for almost 5years before our company is established!We have known good enough about our products in our inland market ,and we have got much enough experience in how to meet our customers' requirements and how to solve the various kinds of problems in production.

Now There are three kinds of industrial materials we mainly do,

  1. Thermal conductive materials: silicone thermal pads with one side or double sides adhesive,silicon film,silicon cloth,graphite film/sheet with various thicknesses,led double-sided thermal conductive tape for Led,silicon end caps,silicon thermal grease for CPU/GPU,alumina thermal conductive ceramic film,SIC thermal conductive film etc.

  2. Insulation conductive materials:Polyimide film(PI film),insulating particles,mica sheet/board,highland barely paper,red fiber paper.

  3. Electrical hardware stuff:eletronic heat radiator,aluminum alloy heatsink,heatsink needle,Tin-copper clad steel wire, processing circuit board jumper, constantan wire resistance.Constantan jumper,welding needle etc.

Besides these products,we also offer another service for the other industrial materials,if you don't find what you need here,please contact us by our email frankzow518@gmail.com  or   frankzow518@outlook.com.

Our purpose is trying our best to offer good even better quality and lower cost for customers,than the other companies which comes from Alibaba platform,Made-In-China,etc foreign trade premium platforms,

As a result,the companies spend lots of money on these platforms,how much?Generally the ALibaba platform will cost us 50,000-10,0000RMB each year if you want a better AD effect on it,and Made-In-China

will cost 70,000 - 10,0000RMB if we want a better service,so if we cannot let it(the platform) works,we will loose money each year,so each customer comes to the platform and finally make a deal,the cost will be counted in.

Therefor,there is no need for our customers directly get what they need on ALibaba or Made-In-China,unless you want spent more money!

We are not a so big company,there are just 5 staffs in us,and we haven't a premium member in Alibaba and Made-In-China,but we have the excellent factories for our products,and just because we haven't these platforms,the price is our advantage,there are no additional cost to be counted in when customer buy our products,

Another point,our inland market is a huge competitive one than the other countries for every various industries,so you can imagine how important the price is for our companies!

Company Profile
Company Name: 广州市九瀛电子有限公司 Company Type: Personal (Manufacturers)
Area: Asia-Pacific/China Company Size: 1-49 people
Registered Capital: 50Thousands RMB Registered Year: 2019
Security deposit: Already paid 0.00 USD
Business Type: Manufacturers
Business Scope: insulation materials,thermal conductive materials,industrial materials
Sell Goods: thermal conductive materials|silicone end caps|polyimide films
Rubber & Plastics / Silicone Rubber Rubber & Plastics / PVC Rubber & Plastics / Plastic Sheets